My name is Cigdem Ozdemir. I am from Mersin. I completed my primary and high school education in Mersin. Since my desire was being a mathematics teacher during my education, I started to study mathematics at Cukurova University in Adana after high school. After I finished my BS, I started to pedagogical formation education at Mersin University in order to build my teaching skills and to have a teaching certificate which is a requirement for being a teacher. After I completed this course I thought that this course was not enough for being a teacher. Thus, I started to my MA degree at Graduate School of Education in Bilkent University at Curriculum and Instruction with Teaching Certificate Program . Now I am a second year MA student in this program. This program is a very intense program which provides a teaching certificate with lots of teaching practices and courses, International Baccalaureate certificate and an MA degree in mathematics education. During this program, I have done teaching practices at Ozel Bilkent High School, Ozel Bilkent Middle School, Bilkent International and Laboratory School, TED Ankara College and The Koc High School. I developed a lot of materials for my teaching during this program. I am also writing my thesis about use of technology in teaching of mathematics.